Pinkie Promise is an Indie-Jazz-Rock band based in Brooklyn, NY. Their music is heavy, passionate, progressive, and poetic. In a recent article published in Medium, writer Matthew Taub says the music of Pinkie Promise turns inward like a musical diary. The songs are personal — sometimes musingly, sometimes painfully. Even at their friendliest, they evince a darkness.” 

“Pelkey may be sending out musical letters, songs expressly identified as public proclamations of her thoughts and feelings. But these still demand to be read in ways another artist’s letters might not. Pelkey’s songs are, somehow, at once direct and elusive: internal monologues that refuse to tidy up. Refusal, so they suggest, can be the strongest form of affirmation.”


In August of 2018, the group released their self-entitled debut album, Pinkie Promise and embarked on a 6-week tour throughout the U.S. and Canada.  

Pinkie Promise 2018 Debut Album